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Welcome to our Patios, a corner where culinary tradition and history intertwine to offer a unique gastronomic experience. At Patio San Eloy, every bite tells a story that has been woven over decades.. Immerse yourself in the essence of Seville as we explore tradition and modernity in every dish, in every corner of our establishments. Discover how Nuestros Patios are much more than a place to eat in sevilla center; they are an open window to the richness of Seville's culture.

Eating in Seville Downtown

enjoying the flavors and the atmosphere of Seville, has never been so easy.

In our Patios, we invite you on a journey through time, from 1972 to the present. Each of our patios tells a part of the rich history we have built over more than five decades. From that first day in the central San Eloy Street, we have kept the essence of the Sevillian tradition intact, adapting to current times and growing until we open our last patio in 2023. In every corner, in every dish, and in every interaction, you will find a perfect combination of classic and modern, where the passion for food, tradition and commitment to quality remain as fundamental pillars. Join us on this culinary journey where history blends with the delicious reality of our Patios.

bares en sevilla patio san eloy
bares en sevilla patio san eloy
bares en sevilla patio san eloy

Patio San Eloy Alameda

Alameda de Hércules, 32, local A
Tel: 954 50 10 70 (Ext. 229)

Patio San Eloy Regina

Regina, 2
Tel: 954 50 10 70 (Ext. 214)

Patio San Eloy El Salvador

Calle Blanca de los Ríos, 3
Tel: 954 50 10 70 (Ext. 215)


Patio San Eloy San Jacinto

Calle San Jacinto, 32
Tel: 954 50 10 70 (Ext. 218)

Patio San Eloy Lagoh

Centro Comercial Lagoh
Av. de Palmas Altas, 1, 41012 Sevilla
Tel: 954 50 10 70 (Ext. 212)